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Pyro Putty Ultra-Lite 2oz

Phone Skope

Ethree K.
Wrote a review
Good product
This is my favorite out of all the pyro putty I have tried. I can't tell a huge difference between all of the different styles though. It lights quick, and packs light and efficient. I like it a lot and keep some in my hunting bag at all times.
Jeremy W.
Wrote a review
Ultra Fire Starter
This is my fire starter of choice. Waterproof tin case that is easy to fit into any bag or pack. It's easy to pinch off a piece to light as well. Very cool product that I would guess you could get 10 or so fires with. They claim more but I think that would be if you were to dice up the putty into tiny cubes. Just easer to pinch off some and expose the fibers for a fast light.